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Sweet Dreams

A peaceful nights sleep

Kids get scared when they feel unsafe and this happens usually at bedtime. TV shows, older kids and unknown noises all help to contribute to a child’s fears.  Then at night their room gets dark, they are in their bedroom all alone and who knows what kinds of monsters lay waiting underneath the bed.

My son would come in at night scared and wanted to sleep with us.  The first couple of times, we said ok.  Then after the repeated foot in the face, I kindly talked to my son to reassure him and gave him a little stuffed green doggy.  That worked for a couple of weeks then even green doggy got scared. That helped with form the idea of a giant stuffed friend that could protect my son and all of his friends.

If your child happens to be scared of the unknown noises, Incredibeds can help a child cope with their fears of sleeping alone and from those scary things that go bump in the night. Here are some tips that may help:

  • Tell your child that the noises at night are caused from the wind, the trees, the cat, etc. Try to help them identify what those noises are and try to avoid the words “scary”.
  • Have your child place their small stuffed friends in bed and let them know their new Incredibed friend is everyone’s friend too.
  • If your child brings up monsters and ONLY if they bring it up (you don’t want to create fear, I learned that too late) then:
    • If they are afraid of monsters under the bed tell them their Incredibed is lying on the floor to make sure no monster can fit under them.
    • If there are monsters in the closet their Incredibed will see them because they stay away all night and sleep in the day when they are alone.
  • To help comfort them, have them place their hands inside the paw pockets to give themselves a hug or to “knock the scaries” out of the room.

Patience, consistency and a strong hug from parents are the best comfort of all too.

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