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Floppy Dog Incredibed Review by Adventures of a Couponista

Thanks to the entire team at Adventures of a Couponista for this wonderful review and giveaway of our Floppy Dog Incredibed:

“When Levi was born, I decided to co-sleep with him because I nursed him and he stayed in our bed until shortly before his baby brother was born. When it was time for him to move into his new room and his own bed, he was less than thrilled with the idea. He would wake up screaming every night and somehow he’d always end up back in bed with us by morning. We were miserable. There simply was not enough room in that bed for the 4 of us and something needed to be done! Mom and Dad just weren’t getting any sleep between the newborn needing to be fed every couple of hours and then Levi coming in to hog the bed too. I tried everything – I bought him a Toy Story toddler bed with toy story character pillows that could help “protect” him while he slept. I bought him his own flashlight that he could turn on in the middle of the night. Those things helped a little but he still ended up in our bed every night.

When I was first introduced to the Incredibed, the first thing I thought of was how this adorably cuddly “bed bud” would be the perfect solution to our problem! I let Levi check out the different beds on and he picked Duke to be his new bed! Fingers and toes were crossed that this would do the trick!

When Duke arrived, we needed to assemble him onto our own twin sized boxspring and mattress – and it was super simple! All of the pieces zipped together easily and within a few minutes, and with a little bit of fluffing, Duke was ready for some snuggling! Levi LOVES him – and I am not kidding when I tell you that all of the problems with him wanting to come and sleep in bed with us every night has come to a complete hault since the very first night he slept with his new Incredibed! He loves that Duke can put his arms around him and keep him safe at night – and I love that we are all getting a little more sleep each night!


These beds are fantastic! There are a couple of different beds to choose from – the Floppy Dog (our choice), T-Rex Dinosaur, Fuzzy Brown Bear, Honey Brown Bear, and Pinky Petunia Kitty. If your toddler is still in need of bed rails, you can also purchase the toddler bumper sheet to turn your twin bed into a safe and waterproof spot for your tot to sleep!”

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