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Jabbering Jessie Review

Thanks to the entire team at Jabbering Jessie for the wonderful review of the T-Rex Incredibed!

With Kinley (the new baby) on the way and Holden turning 3 soon I knew I needed to get him out of the crib and into a big boy bed.  The problem was deciding what big boy bed we wanted.  Then I found IncrediBeds and the decision was easy, Holden loves dinosaurs so the choice for us on which bed was simple to make although I will say they have some super adorable beds on the site and had we been shopping for Maddisyn it would have been a lot hard to pick the bed.

So once we picked our bed I also had to consider how we would keep him in the bed at night and stop him from rolling out since a traditional bedside rail would not work with this bed.  Further investigation on the IncrediBeds site though proved that they had really thought of everything and they had a special toddler sheet for it that had built in rails, I will tell you about those in just one minute.

So once we got the bed in and started to take it all out of the box I was thinking wow this may take a while to put together.  So while I went to make the kids a quick sandwich for lunch Lee went ahead and started to get the bed put together.  When I had finished making two sandwiches and went back in I was surprised to find Lee had actually made really good progress and had the bottom part of the dinosaur on the bed already.

Bottom all put on, legs attached

Our next steps were to simply zip the head on, put the foam brace into the head to help keep it upright (the white tube shown in the above picture) and zip the sheet onto the bed.

Zipping on the head and the sheet ready to be zipped into place

Now I know I mentioned earlier about the sheet.  The IncrediBed comes with standard top fitted sheet which is made out of a woven cotton/polyester blend and it zips right onto your bed.  You can purchase additional sheets for $14.99 per sheet, I would recommend getting at least one extra so you are not having to wash the one you have every night.

For us our concern was what happens with the falling out of the bed thing, we also thought of the wetting the bed but know we could just lay plastic under the sheet like we would do on a normal bed and that would solve that.  But IncrediBeds toddler sheet makes it easy enough for us that we do not have to worry about that.  The toddler bed has the foam tubes in it like the one you see above to keep the head steady.  You can see it peeking out in the picture above.  These are on both sides of the sheet to keep your little one from rolling out of bed.  The toddler sheet is made out of a 100% woven cotton that is laminated with a safe, waterproof, non-phthalate polyurethane fabric.  The toddler sheet can be purchased for $29.99, the one thing I do have to say though is I wish I could buy just the waterproof sheet and not have to buy the foam things again as we only need one set of those but would love an extra sheet and I think it would be less expensive if there was an option without the foam things.

Once we got the bed all put together and ready we took the new blanket that comes with every IncrediBed out of the packaging and I loved how very soft it was, I actually want one for myself haha and am thinking of buying one as they are a very generous size and priced at only $19.99 a super good deal.

Then Holden climbed into his new bed to try it out, and he was in love. He spent a couple more weeks in his crib due to illness etc. we felt it was easier then trying to transition him to the bed right away.  Once he had adjusted to the bed being in his room we decided it was time to put him in the bed.  Our first night failed and we put him in his crib but as soon as he was asleep moved him back to the bed.  After he woke up in his big boy bed the rest was history.  He goes to bed every night between 7:30-8:00 and sleeps in his big boy bed until 10:00-11:00 the next morning.  I think that it is because of how cool his bed is that he transitioned so easily.  Within two nights we were able to move the crib into Kinley’s room and give him more play space in his room.

Don’t you just love how the bed looks all put together?  I know that I do and so does Holden every time someone comes to our house Holden MUST show them his bed haha so I would say that is a hit!


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